The Ultimate List of Puffer Information on the Web

pomacea diffusa

Pomacea diffusa

Have you been struggling to find websites that talk about puffers? Well, then sit down and browse through some of the links that I’ve compiled! You’ll only find care sheets and web pages that provide solid information, nothing misleading – like pages that insist puffers can be kept in community tanks.  I’ve also included some links to the Puffer Genome Project, too, if you’re interested in a more scientific discussion, as well as other information about Tetrodotoxin, puffer adaptations, and classification.

I’ve tried to keep the majority of the links related to freshwater and brackish puffer species; however, there are a few general puffer resources and sites focused on marine species that I thought were excellent additions. Before you start browsing, I strongly recommend taking a look at Aqualog: The Puffers of Fresh and Brackish Waters by Klaus Ebert, which is a wonderful source of offline information about these amazing fish. Please note that while I will do my best to maintain this list so that it only contains live links and accurate information, it’s ultimately up to you to do your research and make the judgment call.

  • The Puffer Forum – No list of puffer links would be complete without mentioning one of the largest online forums dedicated to just discussing puffer fish! Information about all puffer fish – marine, freshwater, and brackish – is included.
  • Dwarf Puffer Forum – Want to learn about all the ins-and-outs of keeping dwarf puffers (Carinotetraodon travancoricus)? Then make sure you check out this website dedicated specifically to the care and discussion of the little guys.
  • Green Spotted Puffer.net – This is a very handy website for anyone who keeps a green spotted puffer (Tetraodon nigroviridis). You’ll find general care information, feeding tips, planted tank suggestions, and even a letter template that you can print out and send in to Wal-Mart to protest the sale of green spotted puffers in their store.
  • Wet Web Media: FAQs about Freshwater Puffers – A compilation of frequently asked questions about freshwater puffers that cover general care, feeding, health concerns, compatibility, and identification.
  • Tetraodon nigroviridis Genome – A hub of links that relate to the Tetraodon nigroviridis genome sequencing project.
  • Toxicity of Tetrodotoxin – A description of the effects that Tetrodotoxin has on the human body if consumed.
  • Scientific Names for the Genus Tetraodon – A comprehensive set of links that will help you learn to associate the scientific name for your puffer with its common name; something that is very important to become familiar with. If you want to do your own search for freshwater puffers, the following Genus names will start you in the right direction: Tetraodon, Carinotetraodon, Auriglobus and Monotrete.
  • Tetraodon nigroviridis Database – An in depth look at the sequencing project for Tetraodon nigroviridis. Really interesting read if you have the time.
  • The Puffer Fish Voucher Library – Information regarding an inter-agency project designed to prevent deaths related to Tetrodotoxin poisoning. This link isn’t for the faint of heart; there are images of dead puffers if you decide to click through.
  • Introduction to the Freshwater and Brackish Water Puffers – Very well written, comprehensive overview of what you can expect if you decide to keep a freshwater or brackish puffer, from behavior and appearance, to water quality issues.
  • Puffer Forum.net – Another puffer website and forum that covers the care of freshwater, brackish, and marine puffer species.
  • The Status of Torquigener hypselogeneion – Scholarly article on the following species of marine puffers: Torquigener hypselogeneion, T. florealis, and Torquigener randalli.
  • The Puffer Fish Lair – Very detailed site about keeping, acclimating and feeding various species of freshwater and brackish water puffers. It doesn’t appear to have been updated since 2003, but the information that’s already on there will keep you reading for a while!
  • List of Freshwater Puffers – A brief list of a few freshwater and brackish species that also includes a short description of each one.
  • Brackish and Freshwater Puffers – General information about some of the most commonly encountered fresh and brackish water puffer species.
  • Puffernet – Information about puffers in general, including tips for tank setup and purchasing a puffer.
  • FAQs about Brackish Water – A very comprehensive page about brackish water; not a puffer specific link, but there is a section specifically dedicated to freshwater and brackish species.
  • Tetraodon Genome Browser – If you want to learn more about the actual project, then check out Tetraodon nigroviridis: A Fish with a Compact Genome.
  • Puffer Identification – A page dedicated to the identification of puffer species whose origin is unknown; some fin ray counts are included in addition to pictures. There is also a forum and other articles on this website, too.
  • Puffer Fish Information – Another forum that covers the discussion of freshwater, brackish and marine puffer species.
  • Lagocephalus lunaris (Green Rough-Backed Puffer) – Very nicely laid out school research project on the Green Rough-Backed Puffer, which is a tropical marine species.
  • The Puffer List – A collection of profiles and articles about freshwater, brackish and saltwater puffers.
  • Tetraodontidae Facts – A brief National Geographic article that describes the various adaptations of the puffer fish.
  • Green Spotted Pufferfish: A well written Squidoo lens that covers the basic care of green spotted puffers (Tetraodon nigroviridis) in the home aquaria.
  • Toxicity of T. fangi and T. palembangensis: A study that discusses where the highest levels of toxicity were found in a sampling of each species (the highest accumulation of toxin was in the skin).
  • Overview of Fresh, Brackish and Marine Puffers: Really neat webpage that talks about the different groups of puffers, and offers a small amount of care information, as well.
  • Marine Pufferfish: A brief look at some of the different species of marine puffers.
  • A New Record of the Marine Puffer Fish Genus: Read through an article that discusses finding Chelonodon patoca in a freshwater body of water, which was previously only known to inhabit brackish/marine waters.
  • Dwarf Puffer: Amazing webpage dedicated to talking about the care, diet and breeding habits of Carinotetraodon travancoricus. I highly recommend checking it out – the pictures are adorable!
  • Pufferfish: Very nice article that presents some of the different freshwater and brackish puffer species.

Helpful forum threads you may want to check out:

  • Some info on puffers and salinity: This discussion is mostly about Figure 8 puffers, and it talks about the difference between the Figure 8′s natural habitat vs. the preferred aquarium conditions when in captivity.
  • Jungle Fish Parasite Clear Tabs: Talks about the best way to use Jungle Fish Parasite Clear fizzy tabs to treat a puffer with internal parasites (IP’s).
  • Praziquantel and Metronidazole: Discusses the use of Prazi and Metronidazole with puffers, including tips for administration, like injecting food items.
  • Difference between Monotrete and Tetraodon: If you’ve ever been confused as to why some puffer species are in the genus Tetraodon, while others are listed under Monotrete, then you should definitely take a look at this thread.

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