Are you new to keeping puffers?

Don't let your puffer fall victim to poor pet store advice.

Unfortunately, there's a lot of misinformation about keeping freshwater puffers as pets floating around the Internet and even coming from "fish experts" at pet stores.

Raising a puffer is a lot different from keeping regular tropical aquarium fish, like mollies, tetras and platys – anyone who tells you otherwise has either never kept a puffer before, or just wants to make a sale. To begin with, freshwater puffers require a special diet to thrive in the home aquaria, which means if you try to feed them like you would other fish, you're just going to end up with a starving puffer on your hands (Just throw the fish flakes out while you're still ahead...).

In my Ebook, the Beginner's Guide to Keeping Freshwater Puffers, I cover all the basics that I wish I would have known when I got my first puffer. For example, you'll learn how to set up the tank, pick out the right species of puffer for your situation, and how to feed your puffer a varied, healthy diet.

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